About us

Brisbane Consulting is an Australian based consulting firm providing business advice to corporations, entrepreneurs, institutional and private investors. We are a trusted advisor to many leading Queensland businesses as well as clients from Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, the UK & North America.

We focus on helping improve our clients enterprise value and performance and solving problems creatively and resourcefully using proven problem solving methods.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is centred on a contrarian view. We seek to evaluate and reshape the underlying fundamental drivers of businesses, projects and technology rather than accepting the status quo and prevailing views of the time.

We help empower leaders to make significant sustainable improvements to the performance of their organisations. We embark on transforming difficult issues and serious challenges into manageable solutions. We provide people with an exciting, challenging and diverse working environment with opportunities for growth and innovation they will not find anywhere else.

We believe copy cat ventures and solutions usually only lead to short term boosts in profitability and productivity and perpetuate the boom and bust cycle. We seek to work with clients to help them innovate, create disruption and forge a new competitive dynamic in their industry. We seek to work with clients who want a considered approach to the evaluations of the projects, businesses and technology they invest in.

We are able to provide expert insights on both functional and industry issues. Our unique knowledge and experience combined with efficient implementations allows us to address problems others cannot.

    • We’re about trust-based mutually beneficial relationships.
    • We’re about creating and delivering innovative solutions.
    • We’re about providing both passion and professionalism in our work.
    • We’re about developing outstanding men and women.
    • We’re about putting our money where our mouth is by aligning our economics with those of our clients, so that we prosper only if our clients prosper.
    • We’re about providing consultants that are honest, clear and direct without jargon.

At the core of our business we are a network of passionate, talented individuals who enjoy
solving challenging issues and creating meaningful impact in assisting organisations achieve their goals.