Where We Started

Established in 2006, the firm operates in four distinctive business areas; management consulting, corporate advisory, technology and digital media with partners in each area.

When Peter J. F Laurent founded a small investment & marketing company in 2006 to focus on small web investment projects he could not have imagined what was to come for his firm. The fledgling firm which acquired and developed websites grew into Queensland’s first true digital strategy consulting firm on the back of demand from entrepreneurs for strategic advice on how to build their online presences before later moving into the corporate advisory business.

Commencing Consulting in a Post GFC World

With the help of partner John Murdoch, Peter commenced trade as Brisbane Consulting in February of 2009 and entered the management consulting industry amid turbulent economic headwinds. Brisbane Consulting is glad to have been able to be a force for positive change in the midst of a challenging time for those businesses who had the courage to work with us.

Operating in a Digitally Connected World

We setup an IT division; as smart devices, tablets and the internet went mainstream and businesses moved to web based applications our knowledge of the cloud and the benefits of various web based systems and methods enhanced the appeal of our services to a wide range of clients. This lead to us winning business from clients outside Queensland for the first time and eventually as far away as the USA, UK, Middle East, Russia and Singapore.

Challenging Traditional Perspectives of Venture Finance & Move to Corporate Advisory

Having built a global network of investor relationships, clients and partners we decided to venture into the corporate advisory business utilising our consulting skills and finance backgrounds to put together deals and projects for clients and increasingly looking for opportunities to participate actively in projects as a partner. We have achieved great successful for clients delivering on challenging and fulfilling mandates and look forward to continued propersity in 2014 and beyond.

The Brisbane Consulting practice looks to team up with Private Equity & Asset Management firms to offer opportunities for development of new financial products, bootstrap acquisitions (LBOs), venture capital raising, management buyouts, real estate transactions, entry into emerging and frontier markets and other alternative investment strategies. We are open to working with companies, property developers and management to unlock capital/enterprise value via spin offs of undervalued assets, technology or divisions, buy outs, turnarounds, start up funding or M&A transactions.

Corporate timeline

2006 – 2009 – IOI Marketing Group
Launched as a small start up to invest in websites and web businesses. Engages in buying and selling of websites and domains as well as digital services.

2009 – 2012 – Brisbane Consulting
Brisbane Consulting commenced trade providing digital, IT and management consulting services.

2013 – PRESENT – Move to Corporate Advisory
Company shifts focusing to corporate advisory and private equity work focusing on IP/technology driven start ups, PE buy outs and emerging markets investment and trading.

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