Our Approach

The Brisbane Consulting difference is we present our clients with a strong tangible bottom-line improvement whether using us an advisor or to implement a solution and align our fees with outcomes.

Our clients call us when they need unique expertise and insights to solve business challenges or when they find themselves under pressure to get results. They trust in us too make decisions of consequence for their organisations.

Our team are highly trained and educated and are experts in their fields. Our team comes from a diverse range of backgrounds including management, finance, economics, business development, IT, engineering, law and psychology.

We are constantly researching and keep our knowledge at the forefront of industry.

We adhere to our core organisational principles from which all our success can be contributed.

Our core principles are:

  1. We focus on and present the facts.

    Our insights and recommendations are based on facts not theories. We gather the hard data needed to make your decision making process easier so your making decisions based on confidence and credibility. We empower our clients to make decisions by always presenting the facts clearly. We remain independent and present our clients with the real picture of their business or industry.

  2. We put our clients interests first.

    We go out of our way to understand our clients industry and business. We don’t expect our clients to pay for our learning curve. We deliver more than our clients expect because we are passionate about the industries and functions we consult in. We act in the best interest of our clients even if that means we have to agree to disagree sometime.

  3. We are professionals. 

    We are knowledge workers so to us professionalism means clarity of thought, always presenting accurate information to the best of our knowledge and presenting ourselves in a polite and respectful manner considerate of a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. We believe the way we present ourselves creates credibility and trust and breeds confidence in executing our work.

    We believe the way we act is a true reflection of the quality of our services. We endeavour to always put our best foot forward at all times for our clients at all levels of our organisation.

  4. We are passionate about what we do

    We believe passion is what drives people to excel. We love challenges and helping our clients make difficult issues manageable. We love working in the industries and functions we operating in and constantly strive to increase our knowledge, value and client service.

  5. We deliver the firms best work at a cost effective price. 

    Our leaders have been on the other side and know what it is like, so we use our clients resources as if they were our own so that we can gain the maximum impact on our clients business.

  6. We keep our client information confidential.

    We keep all sensitive information confidential. We focus on making our clients successful not on self promotion.

  7. We use our strong network of talent to provide you with the best resources.

    We have a strong network to draw expertise from. At Brisbane Consulting there is not one viewpoint or way of thinking. We draw from a wide range of perspectives to provide the highest standard of client service. We bring together the brightest minds internally and externally to provide the best solution.

  8. We bring innovation and creativity to our clients.

    We realise that when innovation and creativity stagnates business slowly dies. We bring in outside insights and leading business thinking to your business. We provide both a local perspective as well as global insights of best practices and emerging technologies relevant to your business.

  9. We create sustainable advantage by adding to our clients capabilities.

    We help create new competencies and capabilities when working with our clients. We do this so that there will be continued support and implementation from within the company. We advocate organisation learning and make sure our clients gain new skills by fully participating in the consulting process.

  10. We forge deep long term relationships based on trust.

    We earn our clients trust by always retaining our independent thinking . We constantly research and keep up to date with industry developments and always put our clients first. We believe trust is build through consistently providing quality work which creates meaningful impact on our clients business. We continue to care for our clients even when we are not serving them.

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