Sustainability Policy

At  Brisbane Consulting we believe we can conduct business in more responsible ways that eliminate or reduce our impact on the environment.

The benefits of greener business practices don’t stop with the environment. Ensuring energy and resource efficiency and minimising waste can greatly reduce business operating costs. Working for a business that actively demonstrates its commitment to the environment can improve employee morale, health and productivity.

With technologies available today, it is possible to make a difference without business impact.

Brisbane Consulting aims to undertake its business in a green-friendly manner at all levels, from day-to-day business operations to the alternatives we recommend to clients.

To this ends, we have adopted the following environmentally responsible practices:

    • Aspiring to the ideal of the “paperless office” by storing documents electronically rather than filed on shelves; employing electronic dry-erase whiteboards in meetings to eliminate the need for paper note-taking; sending email rather than paper correspondence; and distributing brochures in digital format at every opportunity.
    • Adhering to a “reduce, re-use, recycle” philosophy in our purchase and use of paper, printer cartridges, and other unavoidable office consumables.
    • Our staff pool taxi or car trips where possible.