Corporate Advisory

Brisbane Consulting professionals have helped deliver successful transactions across a variety of industries which have led to the creation of significant value for our clients. Our work includes advising on business sales, acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and partnerships.

At the core of our Corporate Advisory practice is the ability to gain an in-depth knowledge of our client’s strategies and objectively establish a recommended path to ensuring the financial and operating flexibility necessary for success.

Brisbane Consulting has created a uniquely focused service offering built for the Small to Medium business market. Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients in the areas of both value realization and value optimization. Although the private equity and debt financing markets have become more accessible to SME market companies, the current economic environment has made successful private company financing more challenging and complex.

Brisbane Consulting is highly committed to assisting companies, investors and commercial lenders with navigating through difficult operating and financial environments.  Our corporate advisory team is comprised of experienced executives with vast experience who deploy rapidly and deliver immediate leadership and value.

Our services to clients may include:

    • Corporate strategy (M&A advisory, growth strategies, divestments, alliances and joint ventures, portfolio management, deal sourcing)
    • Business advisory (developing post acquisition business plan, due diligence, exit strategies, scenario planning and analysis)
    • Management consulting (Operational improvement, IT program advisory, digital change, marketing & sales)
    • Introduction to debt financing options (project finance, structured finance, bridging loans and mezzanine finance)
    • Introduction to professional and sophisticated investors
    • Sourcing and trading