Institutional Investors

We work with institutional investors and alternative asset management firms to help optimise their performance through facilitating investment opportunities, partnerships and capital raising opportunities.

Institutional investor strategy

We work with institutional investors to develop top performing alternative investment programs, including private equity, technology, emerging markets, agriculture, real estate and infrastructure asset classes. This includes sector strategy, portfolio construction, fund manager selection and organizational design. We also help institutional investors expand their participation in alternative assets through co-investment and direct investment opportunities.

Generate investment opportunities

We help our clients generate and evaluate investment opportunities:

    • Discussions with industry experts to evaluate initial ideas
    • Customized workshops related to specific market trends
    • Exhaustive scans of specific industries and geographies
    • Access to a global network of investment professionals, market research companies and asset consultants

Our firm’s extensive industry and functional expertise, global reach, external network, and proprietary data sources allow us to get at the best answers. As a result, clients gain a clear view of underlying trends and market implications that support or contravene their investment strategy and decisions.

Over the last 5 years, we have worked with clients to generate investment ideas in every major region of the world.

Generate partnership opportunities

We speak to match institutional investors with leading alternative asset managers, fund managers and investment professionals around the world to facilitate growth and value creation.

Deal sourcing and due diligence

Our deal sourcing and due diligence support is often customized, based on the client’s needs and the investment thesis.

Possible configurations include:

    • Target analysis
    • Industry analysis
    • Value creation assessment
    • Scenario Planning & Modelling
    • Fully integrated due diligence
    • Outline first draft of 100 day plan